My Dr is a bully.

“Which Doctor?” You ask. All of them. Here’s why…

I’m a 38yo disabled woman. I’m fat too. I’m also far from being a complete idiot. So when I was going through one of the worst times in my life and lost 300lbs in a year not one Dr gave a S**+. My hair was falling out, I would pass out where I sat, and I’m stunned any of my organ systems are still functioning. Like anyone who loses weight that quickly, I went from being a new “lowest adult weight” to slowly gaining back half of what I had lost. This still meant that I would now be really fat again. I am not sure anyone should be surprised about that. Everyone knows if you lose a bunch of weight in a very short amount of time that you’re probably going to gain rebound weight.

At least I thought medical professionals would know this…

So here I am, struggling with my weight and I can’t even get decent medical care of other issues basically because I refuse to have a weight loss surgery. Hear me out though as I have sound reasoning. I try to get in at least 30min of exercise a day and I shower twice a day. This, especially in the warmer weather, still doesn’t prevent getting a rash. It’s similar to getting jock itch only lucky for this diabetic gal, I get it under my boobs and every skin fold. Totally easy to clear with medical treatment. Here’s the tricky part… My Dr refuses to treat it unless I get gastric bypass. I refuse to have gastric bypass because I don’t need more skin folds that aren’t being treated. If I could afford to pay for the skin removal surgery then I would definitely be interested but I don’t have $30,000-$100,000. Most people don’t. I could stop all exercise which would decrease the amount of wetness in any and all skin folds but last I checked, not exercising was really bad.

So when does a Dr overstep their bounds? Did it start with the half-assed exams so they can be fat-phobic but say they tried or does it happen when they demand you get gutted before they will treat you? Keeping in mind they are putting someone with bad lungs at risk for fungal pneumonia. Something that on its best terms has a 10% survival rate.


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