Big girls don’t cry…..

When they find awesome boyfriends. 🙂 So I met a guy about a month and a half ago on Zoosk and he made it to boyfriend status rather quickly. It is so refreshing to meet a guy that doesn’t make you ponder how he isn’t in jail or prison and actually has manners!(Have you ever met a mans junk before you knew his name? Happens a lot to me.) M. as he shall be called is so sweet so far and is cleaning my house as I type this.

It all started when I got sick some days later after our first date with bronchitis and worried about me, he drove up to stay the night and take care of me. Well a LOT of guy would have tried to make a bunch of moves but M. could not have been any kinder. He knew I was sick and fooling around was not in the cards so he didn’t push. He just rubbed my back when I coughed and held me close to make me feel better and not alone.

Cut to today and I have met his kids (16 and 21) and he has met my family. I adore them and my family adores him. So now the question is… What does the independent woman do when she is pretty sure she has met Mr. Right? I know he is crazy about me just as I am crazy about him. Too soon? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t trade him for any other man I have ever met.

*Side note: Why do some dudes introduce their cock before they say “Hi my name is….” ?  I have met some real creeps in my time and I really wonder what went wrong that what seems like a ton of guys think it ok to be so rude and crass. I am not saying that you have to open every door or pick up every tab but your penis should stay put til I ask to see it. This isn’t a porn shop and I am not getting paid to look at it. Just some common decency but that is so far beyond some men that I don’t even know how they aren’t in prison or jail or on a list someplace. OH and if you are gonna send a girl a picture. Make sure it’s one you would send your momma too. We don’t want to see your cock on the 3rd IM we REALLY DO NOT want to see it.

Socks and spots.

So I have chosen a new look for myself…

Thigh high socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least I hope so any way. I will see how well they fit as soon as they arrive from OR with the garters I ordered as well. I shall post pics if all goes well.

I have Diabetic spots on my legs and I think the socks will make a cute and effective cover for the ugly little buggers. I have Dermablend leg and body cover but makeup all day every day can be such a pain even if the stuff does work miracles.