I’ve The Christian answer, for those willing to listen.


I found this link on Twitter and I have beyond had it with fighting over things that to be honest, aren’t anyone’s business. 

I am not aligned with a religion but make no mistake, I have faith in God. Admittedly I’m working on how I feel about John 3:16, but that’s MY problem and no one else’s. 

So here we sit. Abortion has been legal since before I was born and I’m middle aged, marriage equality has at long last been declared just and wether or not you believe it was the moral decision to make, it was the MOST ethical one and I stand by it proudly. 

Let’s tackle your first concern right off the bat. I can tell you right now how to at least reduce the number of abortions in a few simple steps. First everybody absolutely must know exactly how babies are made and how to prevent this from happening. I’m sorry if your moral standards have you believing that teens and young adults would never have sex without being married. Sadly your incredibly wrong.

Studies have shown time and again that teaching abstinence only leads to at best a small delay in having sex. The higher the moral standard the kid is being held to shows they are less likely to plan ahead. This means no condoms or birth control. 

Second, though I am not able to have a child, had my now extinct marriage to a man that became abusive in our second week of marriage produce a child; What on Earth would I do? I’m disabled, I would never have been able to rely on hi for support, and once you discover the man you thought you knew for 3 years is a sexual sadist with the worst anger problem. Well would you want your child with him? 

If you would stop dickering about when life begins and concern yourself with it at all stages, far less women would feel like need to end their pregnancy if they knew they could diaper, dress, and feed an ever growing child. I ask you. Whatever happened to charity? Not tithing 10% to the nonprofit organization you hang out in so it can add on or what have you. I mean when was the last time you saw a single parent or poor family scraping to survive and you helped? How many times have you thought “They must have issues! They should have thought about how expensive kids are before bringing one into this world!” 

Third, let the loving gay couples adopt. I know I would be far more willing to put my child into the system knowing that it has even more chances of getting adopted than I would if I knew 10% of the population weren’t being rejected because they are in love!!! 

Oh and to quiet your fears about children being sexually assaulted by these couples, I remind you of this. MOST pedophiles are adult white males who are married to partners of the opposite sex and they identify as heterosexual. 

  1. Now as for equal opportunity marriage, the devastating effect that your waiting to hear about? I don’t see it happening. How does this do a thing to your marriage as man and wife? It doesn’t. Gods law and mans law are on the best of days, too sides of the same coin. No matter what the Bible says about marriage we aren’t talking about Gods law, we are talking about the right to see your loved one is the hospital. The right to the same tax breaks. The right to raise a child in a two parent family and for both parents to be able to sign off on medical care if need be. That’s all.

Worry about your own family more, practice charity more often, and just stop thinking that fighting solves anything. Have real faith. If God wanted all of this to stop, He has that power and it doesn’t seem He was ever shy about putting it to use.