Leave Bristol be…

Ok I am a Dem more or less (more than less really) and I enjoy all of the fun had at the cost of Sarah Palin but people let go of  her kid.

Meghan McCain just slammed her for forgetting to mail in her ballot, the whole country can’t wait to see her crumble on DWTS, and she will always be the one that got knocked up. Damn people give a woman a break. So she had a baby young, she sure isn’t the first nor will she be the last.

Her dancing is sketchy but is it supposed to be spot on? NO she is a normal woman NOT a show monkey (no matter what costume she wore.) and wasn’t trained as a dancer which is the point of the show.

Now about the voting thing. YES she should have sent it in but who out in internet land hasn’t forgotten to do something. Even something REALLY important. Damn people give the woman a break she is out there busting her butt to make a living for her kid AND entertain the masses on a TV while holding her head up as a single momma.

When even I have to give her credit for a job well done maybe the masses should too.