2011 is about to begin and I hope I can keep the world and all one reader that I know of informed as it happens.

Here is my situation: I will be living in a tiny house with my parents and boyfriend. Parents and I are bi-polar and I hate storms, bf is moody today and needy everyday. Top it off with a crazy next door neighbor and oodles of cats and this should be fun! (By fun I mean sad and painful.)


I want to be on the Chelsea lately round table so badly I can taste it. The question is am I funny enough to hold my own with the likes of Brad Wollack, Josh Wolf, Heather McDonald, Ross Mathews, Guy Branum, Whitney Cummings and Chelsea herself!  I am just a pain in the ass tweeter and blogger with no life and a smart mouth. Do I dare dream so big? Really what are the odds (if you know please comment) that I will write some amazing book, become famous, and be funny enough to be on the round table?

I know I would be funnier than James Van Prague was but he is a friend of the group and a psychic not a stand-up so let’s not judge too harshly. HOWEVER could I be as funny as say Diablo Cody who rocked just out of sheer cuteness and sharp wit if nothing else. I would hope to be as funny as alum Jen Kirkman but I am afraid the meds are working too well for that. I am just not as neurotic as I once was and I am afraid the funny side of me is suffering because of it. (I guess that still makes me neurotic!)