The End of an Affair… Or an über shit marriage

Well the divorce date looms… More to follow on that when I can…

I have been absent for a very long time. I was lost for a bit. Seems I had forgotten how much I adore writing and letting the zero ppl that read this into my life… Well. I guess I’m back.
I have been to Hell and back since last writing. Not a fun vacation but it’s sunny and warm… Having left 100lbs lighter I can say it’s still not worth it. No person is worth torturing yourself and once you discover that what happens TO YOU, isn’t always ABOUT YOU… Well then you discover that it’s their cross to carry and not yours. I am safely well adjusted and comfortable with who I am… I sadly can’t say the same for, someone else… But repeat after me… It’s not my fault, problem, or damage.

Learn it. It has served me well.