Snowpocalypse Part 2

Well it’s ass deep on me out there and I am 5’7″ and now we have even MORE falling!!!!!!!! I am about to go crazy not being able to leave the house as I am an active person mentally and mentally there is nothing left to do here.

We as a family are talked out. All the movies are watched. I am even running out of books! I need to get out…………… Ok so I am not that bad off and it could be a lot worse. BUT I do think the storm is making me fat-er… All I really want to do today is sleep and all I have done is eat. *Sigh* Snowsanity of boyfriend went out the window by day 2 and he dug out so we can escape WHEN and IF he isn’t working, which is all the time because the weather is awful.

I Just want to get to Springfield for a sale at the mall but it isn’t worth getting killed on bad roads over.