Political problems. Have we become blinded by personal issues?

When I sift through my social media feeds, I can’t help but notice how passionate everyone is about what they believe to be the correct way to either live life or direct this country etc. This makes me wonder; Are we so focused on what other citizens could be doing, that we aren’t playing attention to what really matters? What is the bigger picture? Do you really care who may or may not be having an abortion, when you aren’t pro birth control or Welfare? Does it matter which adults marry the other adults they love if both want to be married? 

Now some people are screaming that it does to all of the above but now ask yourself this; What are my biggest worries to the actual safety of everyone? Yeah, it’s probably not the aforementioned issues. So next question; Who do I feel is best equipped to handle any issues our nation may face come the next election? Now I won’t answer this question for you. I expect and encourage you to look, listen, and read all about everyone involved. You might even surprise yourself and change parties. Perhaps not vote a single party ticket. I honestly think to vote blindly is as bad as not voting at all. 

Now here’s where I’m going to get sexist. I’m thrilled to be a woman. I’m also thrilled to have been born into the right to vote. Keep in mind ladies that women haven’t, at the time of the posting, had this right for even 100 years yet! I expect us to read. I expect us as women, to care. It was a long, difficult fight for a basic right and I’ve heard too many people (but ladies I’m calling us out now.) say they don’t know, don’t care, or whatever happens, happens. Ok… REALLY? WTF? Especially with that last one! So if “Whatever happens” turns out to be very well trained turtles you’re happy to roll with that? I’m kidding of course, but only kinda… No you wouldn’t be okay with that and yes you will want someone you believe in, in office but until you actually put away the pettiness of micromanaging other people (very us vs them when the them is still us) and start thinking about the future of an entire nation (Now that’s Patriotic!… Well, you might as well stick to voting for contestants. At least you’re half paying attention to the TV.