I had hoped the rumors weren’t true. It could have just been some bad clams, right? After all surely no one that makes their living drinking, whoring, and fist pumpin’ would do this to themselves or another (possible?) human being?  Would they?

Well you bet your sweet hair poof they would! Snookie is preggo and NOT about to leggo her preggo anytime soon. Rather she has gotten engaged to the lil  guido or guidette’s daddy.

What a drunken irresponsible train wreck. She admits her first thought on finding out was “Oh shit! I’ve been drinking!” Having been in vegas and all at the time she act like Vegas = Drunk and it doesn’t have to.

Now I am no prude by any stretch. My twenties are a blur and my sex partners are hazy too but I TRIED ABOVE AND BEYOND TO NOT GET KNOCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s really easy to not get pregnant, I know things can happen but if your career depends on it maybe you should try really hard to stay tenant free.

Now to address what really gets my goat. She is an idiot, getting ready to raise a baby. Can we please start passing out IQ tests before letting people have kids? It would be easier on the system if we did.

I vote we relax some adoption laws in this country so gays and singles and even lowish income can adopt in every state and if you really want the Gov in my uterus then make laws about who can spawn. NOT biased on religion  or DNA but on sheer IQ alone. Stupid people make poor parents.

Ok so I don,t really mean it I am just sick of stupid people making babies while I can’t have one. But I do stand by the stupid people people make poor parents part.